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Sharing our concerns is one of the best ways to alleviate their impact on our mental health. Since 1980, Interligne has received thousands of calls on various topics related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Phone and Chat Support Line
The Lesbian Solidarity Center

The Lesbian Solidarity Center (CSL) provides a free individual follow-up service (counseling) for a maximum of 10 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes per year. Its services are inclusive of transgender and non-binary individuals, as well as non-monogamous and polyamorous individuals.

Chat Support and Individual Counseling

RÉZO provides information, consultation, support, and referrals on all matters related to the health and well-being of gay and bisexual men, both cisgender and transgender.

Chat Support, Individual, and Group Counseling
Aid for Trans People of Quebec (ATQ)

The main goals of ATQ are to provide assistance and break the isolation of transgender, non-binary, and questioning individuals.

24-hour Support Line and Support Groups

ASTT(e)Q is an organization by and for transgender individuals. We offer various services aimed at a broad spectrum of transgender people living in Quebec. All our services are confidential and free, to the extent possible.

Individual Support and Discussion Groups
Trans Estrie

Trans Estrie offers various group and individual support services to transgender, non-binary, and questioning individuals about their gender identity, as well as to their loved ones or any ally seeking to enhance their understanding of the experiences of transgender individuals.

Group and Individual Support

QMUNITY enhances the lives of queer and trans individuals through services, connections, and leadership. The QMUNITY building provides a safe space for LGBTQQ2S individuals and their allies to express themselves fully while feeling welcomed and included.

Group and Individual Support

FrancoQueer is the Francophone association for 2Spirits, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, asexual, non-binary, and more (2SLGBTQIA+) individuals and their allies in Toronto and Ontario.

Support Group and Assistance Programs
Vancouver Island Queer Resource Collective

A collective for and by queer individuals, providing resources for queer people on and around Vancouver Island.

Resources in the Vancouver Region
The 519

The 519 is committed to the health, happiness, and full participation of 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

Resources in the Toronto Region
Calgary Outlink

Calgary Outlink is a non-profit charitable community organization dedicated to supporting, educating, raising awareness, and guiding 2SLGBTQIA+ and allied communities in Calgary, Alberta.

Support Group and Individual Support
Asian Community Aids Services

A non-profit charitable community organization located in Toronto, Canada. We provide education and low-risk sexual health services to East and Southeast Asian communities and LGBTQ community members.

Sexuality Education

Jhalak Montreal is an organization dedicated to addressing and improving the realities, well-being, and experiences of South Asians who identify as queer, across various segments of society.

Group Support, Community Events
Queer Asian Youth

This program, designed for East and Southeast Asians aged 16 to 29, aims to enhance education, opportunities, support, and resilience skills for young Asians in Toronto dealing with LGBTQ+ issues.

Group Support

AGIR serves LGBTQ+ migrants and refugees living in the greater Montreal area, Quebec, Canada.

Individual and Group Support
QPOC Winnipeg

Queer People of Colour Winnipeg organizes events for Black, Indigenous, and people of color who identify as gay and transgender. The group gathers at various locations, in coordination with social media.

Community Events